mixer publishing (post genre)

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

mixer publishes post genre fiction rather than straight genre or literary fiction, so submit fiction that subverts and resists traditional sci-fi, horror, noir, and romance tropes. For realism, we tend to publish pieces that are doing something interesting with language, form, or that go against contemporary realist cliches (e.g., the realist epiphany, the traditional character arc); or that even question reality itself. If you submit a story under realism that is really about a love relationship, we will (if we publish it) likely publish it under romance. Take a look at our online publications for an example of our style. Or read below for some specifics.

post genre -- writing that resists

Resistant writing is writing that deploys the technologies and strategies of the avant garde, postmodernism, and genre fiction to resist affirmative culture. Characteristics of resistant writing include: dialogical approaches to narrative and form, breaking down boundaries between genre fiction and "literature," mixing genres (horror, sci-fi, noir, poetry, realism, romance, media), speculative fiction, critical approaches to realism and realist epistemology, including anti-objectivity, pro-subjectivity, and a non-frigid attitude towards sensation, emotion, and desire.

Affirmative culture (realist literature, bourgeois modernism, popular entertainment, traditional creative writing theory, commodity humanism) affirms popular myths of humanism that may actually hurt humanity more than it help by ameliorating our alienation with contemporary culture. Affirmative art and entertainment seek to hide our hemorrhaging by bolstering the human Ego and its belief systems rather than critiquing them.

To read more about post genre lit, critical resistance, and affirmative culture: http://mixerpublishing.com/?page_id=262

Regular submissions are currently closed.

Queries: Please wait at least six months before querying about your submission (mixerpublishing@gmail.com). If you need to withdraw your submission before that, our submission system will notify us of the withdrawal.

Simultaneous Submissions and Reprints: We accept SS, but we typically only print new material, so please withdraw your submission if you are accepted elsewhere. If we are unfamiliar with your work, you should send us only new work. We are only interested in reprints in special cases, typically if we know an author and love their work so much that we're open to a reprint.

Payment: 50/50 Split of Royalties

E-books (novels, novellas, collections):

For Kindle and e-book publications, we offer a 50/50 split of sales with the author. Hence, the author will receive 50% total of royalties.

*We are looking to expand our e-publishing (novels, novellas, and collections), so please look at our new special category below for what we're interested in.

E-magazines (short stories and poems): For e-magazines, we offer a 50/50 split of royalties with the author. One format will be special issues focused on a single author (only one author in the magazine); hence, the author will receive 50% total of royalties. Our second format will be multi-author theme-based magazines, with two or more authors. Thus, in a multi-author magazine, the authors' 50% of royalties will be divided amongst them equally; for example, if there are five authors in the magazine, each author will receive 10% of 50%.

Print (short stories and poems): For short stories and poems, print publication typically happens in the form of a multi-author anthology once or twice a year. Authors chosen for anthology publication share their 50% of royalties with their fellow authors; for example, if there are 10 authors in an anthology, each author will receive 5% of 50%.  

Print (novels, novellas, collections): Once a year we will also print one or two limited-edition stand-alone novellas, novels, or a single-author collection. We offer a 50/50 split of royalties with the author. Hence, the author will receive 50% total of royalties.

mixer publishing (post genre)